What am I signing up for?

The Blinded Experience is a seven day exclusive digital release... like no other. 

Before the first single is even announced you will; 

- Hear the  e n t i r e   EP

- Go behind the scenes of the recording process

- Find out what inspired each song

- Get first dibs (and discounts!) on new merch

- Be the very first to hear the songs LIVE

- Get your invite to 'The Hangar'

and even more! 
(I can't tell you everything.. what fun would that be?)

Are you with with me?? 

Beat the streaming services. Beat the media. Be the FIRST. 

The Blinded Experience launches before a single song has hit Spotify or landed in the inbox of a single reviewer. 


Okay, so remember the good old days when an Artist or Band you liked was releasing new music, and you eagerly counted down the weeks until you could head to a record store and finally hold a copy in your hands? You'd drive home with it blasting through the car speakers, then get home and play it again whilst pouring over the liner notes. 

I want to bring that feeling back! 

We have so much choice now in the music we listen to
, and it's so easy to have on in the background of our entire life.

I loved the whole experience of getting a record I was excited about, so even though we're living in an increasingly digital world, I'm bringing back that special moment when you get to hear something for the first time. 

And experience it.